• Morrison Associates offers a client-centered, participatory approach to program planning, development, and evaluation through the creation of a genuine relationship between the evaluation and the program; a deep understanding of the program’s worth and the need to document the value of the program through systematic evaluation and intentional learning; and a clear connection between the data being collected and the benefits to the program and community.   The result? Programs and organizations transforming their services and clearly demonstrating their impact through the communication of results in actionable and meaningful ways.

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  • Shannon brought incredible insight and expertise in providing the evaluation tool for the statewide Teen Dating Violence Awareness Program out of the New Mexico Attorney General's Office and was instrumental in collecting and analyzing important data from schools across New Mexico. She is also a major asset in helping the fight against human trafficking by providing evaluation for one human trafficking DOJ grant I have worked on and was invaluable with her assistance in writing another grant proposal to help this population. Shannon is such a pleasure to work with and I always welcome having her as a collaborative partner on any project.

    Kari Meredith, Managing Partner of Ignite Synergy and Former Teen Dating Violence Project Coordinator with the New Mexico Attorney General's Office

  • Shannon's expertise has the highest respect of everyone I have seen her work with from individuals to the State and federal-level grant work. She sets the standard for excellence in her work from her interpersonal skills to her high quality evaluations and to her data collection. She has an exceptional ability to provide data outcomes in meaningful and understanding ways. Her educational and strategic approach have been invaluable to the work she does with our agency in developing data to document the value of our specialized program delivery.

    Craig Pierce, Ph.D. CEO/Clinical Director Southwest Family Guidance Center

  • I have had the great pleasure of working with Shannon on various public health projects for the past 6 years. Shannon brings a fresh and fun perspective to evaluation. She is client-focused and participatory in the setting. Her experience, know how, and commitment to excellence assure a consistently high quality evaluation

    Maureen Daly, MD, MPH

  • Shannon takes a participatory approach to evaluation and is hands-on throughout the process. I deeply appreciated her emphasis on relationships and context as well as her ability to balance rigor with real-world application. She engaged weekly with our implementation team to ensure the evaluation "fit" the process, without letting evaluation needs dictate the intervention design. I highly recommend Shannon as a talented, creative, and adaptable team member!

    Sarah Nickels, Ph.D., M.S.W.